About Us

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Established in 1977, under the sponsorship of His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Sultan’s School provides a high quality education which allows our students to enter the world’s leading universities..

Our outstanding facilities, together with a highly professional teaching staff means we are proud of our reputation as one of the leading bilingual schools in the region.

The following ‘Statement of Philosophy’ was published in 1978:

“The Sultan’s School exists to help young men and women to acquire those ethical and intellectual qualities that are necessary for leadership in the rapidly changing world of Oman.  While the focus is upon developing these qualities in Omani citizens, qualified students from other Arab countries are welcome.

The educational programme will endeavour to produce versatile leaders who are international in their perspective.  The school will be preparatory in nature since it is assumed that most graduates will attend a university.  The total school programme will encourage each student to become a self-directed individual who assumes responsibility for his or her actions.

Within the instructional programme, there must be a delicate balance between maintaining standards and offering individual programmes to meet the varying abilities, learning style and previous achievement of each student.  Every attempt will be made to identify ability and nourish its development.”

Our mission and vision

The Sultan’s School is a co-educational school offering a bilingual Arabic-English holistic education from early childhood to pre-university.

The school seeks to provide a broad and balanced education of the highest quality, which reflects and strengthens the Omani and Islamic culture whilst encouraging an international perspective and developing critical, creative thinking in its students.

While the basic Statement of Philosophy of 1978 is still appropriate today, the following aims provide a proper focus for the continuing development of the students of The Sultan’s School.  The school will work together with our parents in partnership to help students become persons who will:

  • Value and aim for excellence in everything they do
  • Seek and attain high standards of academic achievement
  • Develop their potential to the full in non-academic as well as academic activities
  • Play a positive role in the society in which they live
  • Learn from the past but look to a better future
  • Act in a constructive and, when appropriate, a flexible manner in our changing world
  • Have a strong spiritual, moral and national dimension in their lives
  • Behave courteously and be aware of the needs of others
  • Have a strong sense of affiliation and community
  • Enjoy learning, thinking and doing.

We aim to fully realise our mission statement. The Sultan’s School is the leading bilingual private school in Oman and we wish to continue to offer its graduates options for international qualifications and direct progress to quality higher education anywhere in the world.

The Sultan’s School is recognised within the region for preparing its students to be responsible global citizens, and inspiring in each student a passion for knowledge and life-long learning.  To maintain the personal approach, there is a sense of three schools in one (kindergarten, primary and secondary), all  working together on the same campus with common guiding aims and ethos, where each student is recognised and valued.

The benefits of size are shown in the breadth and depth of the curriculum, in the activities we can offer and in the range of the facilities we can provide.

Our school is able to offer an education of true quality and our students are globally outstanding, as measured against international benchmarks, ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.

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