Art Auction 2017

Please find below the artworks that have been donated. For further information, please visit our Facebook Page

The Sultan’s School Art Auction 19th April 2017

to help us raise funds for Oman Down Syndrome Association.

If your artwork is sold for 300 OMR or more,

we will give you 25% of the price.

Please send your donations to

Heather Ford at The Sultan’s School,

Way 3117, Al Hail South, Seeb, the Sultanate of Oman.

Children in Oman with Down Syndromeneed your support.



For further information email



نودّ دعوتكم إلى التبرّع بعمل فنّي

لمزاد مدرسة السلطان الفني الذي سينعقد في ١٩إبريل٢٠١٧

وذلك لمساعدتنا لجمع التبرعات لصالح الجمعية العمانية لمتلازمة داون

إذا تم بيع الأعمال الفنية الخاصة بك بمبلغ 300 ريال عماني أو أكثر ،

فسنقدم لك 25٪ من سعر البيع

يرجى إرسال تبرعاتكم إلى :

هيذرفورد ، مدرسة السلطان

سكة رقم٣١١٧ ، الحيل الجنوبية ، السيب ، سلطنة عمان

الأطفال المصابون بمتلازمة داون في عمان بحاجة إلى دعمكم


للمزيد من المعلومات ؛  يرجى التواصل على البريد الإلكتروني

Artists Profile


Born in 1975, Omani artist Karooh started painting at the age of 8. He takes his inspiration from his childhood, also from the unique heritage and folklore of the Sultanate of Oman.

His successful contemporary ‘Omani Door’ series are set in bright yet natural colors, reminiscences of his family ancestral home.

‘Oman Architectural’ series were inspired by his father, one of the Muscat’s main constructors, who taught him all his knowhow.

Karooh also focuses on the beauty of the Muscat’s costal line and produces amazingly bright contemporary landscapes which depict his joyful memories.

Karooh is a member of the Omani Society for Fine Art and the Youth Studio. He has won three distinctive awards and has exhibited in Oman, Egypt, Dubai and New Delhi.


Adnan Al Raisi

Adnan Bin Saleh Al Raisi is a young Omani artist inspired by the brush strokes of his father. His beginning in fine arts started with realistic landscapes of Oman which is still part of his work has he is searching for perfection. The unique landscapes and scenes of the Sultanate with its variety of colours have inspired Adnan since his childhood and to this day he believes he will paint endlessly until he reaches personal satisfaction.

Adnan gradually moved from realism to abstract since 1998. For the past decade his artwork has progressed significantly using different types of mediums to reflect his philosophy on art. He concentrates on color, technique and the abstract subject. His achievements have won him numerous awards and prizes within the Sultanate of Oman.Adnan’s multi talents include a particular skill for calligraphy.

Alia Al Farsi

Omani Artist Alia Al Farsi has experimented with different media without being confined to specific artists’ schools or methods. She has used Omani coins, Muttrahsouq, Omani costumes, silver jewellery, cinnamon sticks from Sri Lanka, recycled paper from Thailand and ‘zanzibar’ textiles in a collage format for her paintings. Al Farsi has recently won the grand prize at the 17th annual Omani Society for Fine Arts competition.

“My work shares a sense of historical association, paying tributes to the pioneering spirit and timeless effort of our ancestors. Just as their travels helped build cultural bridges, I strive for my art to create similar links and interest with my place of inspiration, Oman.”

 Anwar Sonya

Anwar Sonya is one of the founders of the contemporary Omani art movement who has greatly contributed to the local art scene and placed Omani art on the international arena. Sonya’s current artistic style and approach started in the mid 90’s, and has been highly appreciated by critics and collectors. He is inspired by the mystical Muscat region, his homeland.  He has been awarded multiple time for his achievements and contributions to Omani art receiving the Golden prize from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos as the best artist. He was also honored by the Sharjah biennale as the Most Distinguished Arab Artist.

 Farah Asqul

Farah Asqul is an Omani mixed media artist whose work is reminiscent of expressionism but ranges between painting and installation. Her body of work explores cultural narrative and symbolism in Arabia. From the Mashrabiya patterns in architecture to the electric towers that are in abundance in Omani mountains. She re-creates daily recognizable elements that infuse her surroundings and her travels with the artist’s imagination. Here, she reflects her vision of multi-cultural identity and aesthetics through a frenetic energy that is captured on canvas.

Farah’s current works have explored the symbol of the moth and metamorphosis in relation to her own identity in flux. Infused with patterns from nature and industrial elements, Farah created a large hand-cut, multi-layered paper installation for her last exhibition. Inviting the viewer to become immersed within the piece and interact with the delicately cut paper.

‘The images I create reflect my vision of identity and aesthetics, hybrid existence and the blending of cultural boundaries. My current works have explored the notion of my own identity and symbolism infused with Arabian nostalgia.’ -Farah Asqul

Farah graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, specializing in painting from Cardiff Metropolitan University. She has previously exhibited in the UK and in Oman in several group exhibitions. Farah is not only a current practicing and exhibiting artist as well as a curator. Farah previously worked on hosting several exhibitions in the UK, seven successful exhibitions previously working at Bait Muzna Gallery and curated and managed twenty five exhibitions between Gallery Sarah, Bait Al Zubair Museum and Shangrila Bar Al Jissa Art Gallery in the last three years.
Farah is currently working as a fulltime artist and Creative Consultant in Oman and was the recent winner of the 2017 Al Mar’a Excellence Award in Fine Arts which honours professional Omani women.

Damon Kowarsky

Damon Kowarsky studied printmaking at VCA and Glasgow School of Art. Since graduating he has travelled extensively in South Asia and the Middle East. Architecture and the colours of earth and sky inspire much of his work.

Kowarsky is the recipient of numerous prizes including the Toyota Community Spirit Artists Travel Award, Creative Victoria New Works, and Australia Council Asia-Australia Creative Partnerships Grants.

In 2014 Kowarsky was artist in residence at Guanlan Original Printmaking Base China, and National College of Arts Lahore. In 2016 he undertook a two month residency in France with the support of the Alfred and Trafford Klots International Program for Artists.

In 2015 I was grateful to spend a month living and working at the Bait al Zubair Museum Muscat as part of their inaugural artist in residence program. While there it was a pleasure to explore and draw the distinctive architecture of Oman. I was particularly taken by the clean and elegant lines of the buildings, the starkness of the countryside behind the city, and the lushness of the gardens and trees. In this print I have tried to capture something of the feeling of Old Muscat, as seen in the Bait al Zubair’s collection of historical prints and drawings. Visit or email

Idris Al Hooti

Idris Al Hooti came from a strongly artistic family and while most of them have taken to music, Idris pursued drawing and painting. Since Al Hooti was seventeen, he has been a part of the Youth Art Studio and from there continued to broaden his experiences and artistic practice. His work has won several local awards and has taken him to many countries around the world. He is currently working at the Sultan Qaboos University as a graphic designer, illustrator, and calligrapher.

Hassan Meer

Born in 1972, Omani artist Hassan Meer grew up in Muscat, capital of the Sultanate of Oman. He received his master degree in art from Savannah College of art and design, Georgia, USA in 2000. As one of the leading artists in Oman, he has exhibited locally, in Europe, East Asia, and the USA. His abstract work explores symbols of spirituality. The use of yellow color and line is to convey emotional states, a child-like sensibility, and a sense of light and heat which he associates with his childhood. The blue appears in his works as a symbol of invisible spirit from his hometown in Oman. Hassan Meer’s work is the result of an intense examination of myths, beliefs, and rituals within his culture, and as such is both a critique and celebration of spiritual practice. He has recently directed his painting towards a unique mélange of his personal and general experiences, memories and recollections. Hassan is the director of Stal Gallery and Studio.

Maryam Al Zadjali

Maryam has participated in many exhibitions and workshops both locally and abroad.  She is an experimental abstract artist whose works depict cultural elements and iconic symbols of Omani culture alongside architectural elements and symbols of celebrations.

When asked about her work Maryam has said:-

“My work is all related to my culture.  The symbols of our Omani culture make the world smaller and give us identity.  These symbols are arranged to reveal what lies behind them.  There may also be international elements, but it is important that we look after our culture in this modern world.”

Matti Sirvio

Matti was born in Finland and has lived, and worked, in Muscat for many years. His preferred medium is oil and his colourful paintings reflect expressionism, abstract and semi-abstract themes. Matti’s work is inspired by many themes including human interest, contemporary issues, spirituality and symbolism. He has had many exhibitions here in Oman, and internationally.

For further information visit

MazinAl Mamari

Omani artist Mazin Al Mamarihas exhibited his work extensively and has received many acclaimed awards. Mazin tells a story with each piece of work, taking his inspiration from nature, culture and his heritage. His paintings, boldly coloured and richly embellished, captivate the viewer’s gaze. There is a strong sense of fire and heat that e4manates from his work, at the same timefocusing on the process of metamorphosis. In his larger pcanvases the dramatic brush strokes and solid blocks of colour are juxtaposed with a panel of detailed surface metallic drawings and writing.

Mohammed Al Mamaari

Omani artist Mohammed Al Mamaari has excelled in fine arts since his childhood. Mohammed was born in 1981 in Muscat, Oman. By using a series of mediums and techniques, he is trying to find the harmony in painting objects and its colors to get an overall rhythm. He is a member of Omani Society of Fine Arts and Emirates Fine Arts Society. Mohammed has held numerous exhibitions in Oman and abroad for the past 15 years. Today, his paintings can be found in public and private organisations around the Gulf.


Moosa Omar is a mixed media artist whose works reflect elements and stories from daily life and mirror his traditional Omani roots. Omar uses symbols and motifs, colours and textures to produce his own distinct narrative and has held over eleven solo exhibitions in Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi. Omar has traveled and exhibited widely across the globe and have notable exhibitions in prominent places such as the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Radhika Hamlai

Though Radhika began with figurative and conceptual art, for the past few years she has been working exclusively with Abstract Expressionism, a genre which gives her the freedom she needs to express the spirit which guides her work. Radhika’s roots are in the poetics of western India, its architecture; its landscape and its wide open sky. And here in Oman she lives in a matching world of beautiful nature, bright color and dramatic light, where everything affects her; and she believes that things happen as they should. Her current paintings have more movement and less structure, like the sea which just keeps moving. They express moods, speak of dreams and are meant to help us to feel free.


Saleem’s art is recognised both locally and internationally for his innovative use of materials, and for his ability to blend modern influences with the artistic traditions of Oman. The major themes of SaleemSakhi’s paintings are Oryx, desert life, spaces and faces. He participated in numerous exhibition in Oman and abroad.

 Saleh Al Shukairi

Saleh Al Shukairi is an international and contemporary well-known artist. Calligraphy originally being a traditional art form.He developed his own unique style, experimenting with materials and colours, which gives his abstract works a contemporary touch. Saleh has exhibited world-wide and has become a teacher of calligraphy, paying tribute and passing on the values of traditional Arabic calligraphy. Saleh Al Shukairi has exhibited internationally, notably in Germany, Singapore, South Africa, France, South Korea, USA, U&AE, Macedonia, Albania, Oman, Qatar, KSA, Libya, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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