Homeroom photos

Dear Parents,

The homeroom photos will take place as per the schedule below.

Please make sure your children are wearing the correct uniform as listed below:


Please see below the permissible uniform for homeroom photos.

KG, Years 1 and 2

Boys and Girls:

  • white, royal blue, green or red T-shirt according to house colour (Orange, Yellow, or Purple are also used in KG)
  • navy blue trousers or skirt
  • white socks
  • Conventional white or black flat shoes (Slippers and flip-flops are not allowed).

Years 3 – 13

Omani Boys:

  • white dishdasha with kummah
  • brown or black sandals  (flip-flops are not allowed).

Non-Omani Boys:

  • medium grey trousers
  • white short-sleeved shirt, button front with collar (not polo shirt) worn tucked into trousers, lace-up shoes
  • grey socks
  • black shoes  (flip-flops are not allowed).


  • navy blue pinafore dress, with modest, round or square neckline, loose fitting, to finish well below the knee
  • white, button front blouse with collar and medium length sleeves
  • Headscarf (optional);if worn, they should be navy blue in colour only ;
  • Girls not wearing a headscarf should have their hair tied back.
  • white socks
  • conventional black or navy blue flat shoes (high heels, slippers and flip-flops are not allowed).
  • No badges / No fancy hair clips
  • No cardigans


Sunday 6th November HR
P1 8:25-8:40 12W
P1 8:40-8:55 12R
P1 8:55-9:10 12G
P2 9:10-9:25 12B
P2 9:25-9:40 11O
P3 10:05-10:20 13B
P3 10:20-10:35 13G
P3 10:35-10:50 13R
P4 10:50-11:05 13W
P4 11:05-11:20 11M
P5 11:25-11:40 11A
P5 11:40-11:55 11N
P5 11:55-12:10 10O
P6 12:10-12:25 10M
P6 12:25-12:40 10A
Monday 7th November HR
P1 8:25-8:40 9O
P1 8:40-8:55 9M
P1 8:55-9:10 9A
P2 9:10-9:25 9N
P2 9:25-9:40 7O
P3 10:05-10:20 8M
P3 10:20-10:35 8A
P3 10:35-10:50 8N
P4 10:50-11:05 8 O
P4 11:05-11:20 7M
P5 11:25-11:40 7A
P5 11:40-11:55 7N
P5 11:55-12:10 10N



Tuesday 8th November
P1 8.25 – 8.45 4O, 4M
8.45 – 9.05 4A, 4N
P2 9.05- 9.25 3O, 3M
9.25- 9.45 3A, 3N
P3 10.05-10.25 2B, 2G
10.25-10.45 2R, 2W
P4 10.45-11.05 1B, 1G
11.05-11.25 1R, 1W
Wednesday 9th November
P1 8.25 – 9.05 KG Y, O R
P2 9.05-9.45 KG B, G, P
P3 10.05-10.25 5O, 5M
  10.25-10.45 5A, 5N
P4 10.45 -11.25 Year 6 O M A
P6 12.05-12.45 Year 6 N S Q
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