It is with great pleasure that we officially introduce the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). As a PTA we are a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in our school. The goal of our parent-teacher group is to support the school, encourage parent involvement, support teachers, and organize family events. In making the school community stronger we create greater opportunities for our children and their future.

The PTA’s main goals and objectives  are to…

1. The Health and safety of our students through the programs we have started:

- Safety of School Parking Initiative
- Introduction of Parking Passes
- Bus safety Initiatives
- Anti Drug Campaign
- Healthy Food Campaign
- Playground Safety Initiatives
- Playing fields for older students or common room

2. Awareness Campaigns that will encourage the school community to become more in tune with the culture that surrounds us in Oman and the importance of maintaining that heritage. One of the key activities taking place in this regards is an, themed Fun Day that will help us raise funds for needed school facilities.

3. Creating opportunities for parents to participate at different levels and in different areas of school life that will encourage the building of a strong school community and thus reinforcing TSS PTA belief that, ‘Together We Are Better’.

We look forward to serving the Sultan’s School community and your support in making this year a success. Together we are better!

Warmest Regards,

The Sultan’s School Parent Teacher Association